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One of the original team of disc jockeys on BBC Radio 1 in 1967, Keith Skues has enjoyed a phenomenal career spanning more than 40 years. On his journey through Forces Radio, Offshore Radio, Luxembourg, independent local radio and BBC national, regional and local radio,
Keith has gathered more fans than a rolling stone.

"I used to listen to Keith when I was a teenager," said David Clayton, editor at Radio Norfolk. "He was on one of the pirate ships and played the music I loved. For me he’s a living broadcasting legend and this just proves he’s adapted himself down the decades."

Keith, affectionately known as ‘Cardboard Shoes’ since his days in the RAF has been described by the late John Peel as "the jewel in the crown of East Anglian radio."

If you are a fan of the Keith Skues late night radio show on BBC Eastern Counties and want to enjoy a 'feast of Skues' at any time of the day and night then this CD is for you.

As well as his much sought-after popular theme tune of Mr Tambourine Man by the Golden Gate Strings - in stereo for the first time in this country - this disc includes all the catch phrases and character of this much loved veteran deejay.




The disc is the brain child of Suffolk musician Kevin Dean who became 'hooked' on Keith's late night radio show after hearing it for the first time in 2001.
Kevin, who is always looking for new angles to work on, first compiled a demo CD in March 2002 which he sent to Keith to play on his show between 10pm and 1am. The disc was released in 2003.
'My reason for making it is to capture the vibe and atmosphere of the Keith Skues Show,' explained Kevin. 'Keith is a true character who comes across as being very sincere and I think this recording really captures his personality.'

As well as the popular theme tune this five track recording is a soliloquy of typical 'Skues' phrases and anecdotes. Keith is also joined by the vivacious 23 year-old RPA (Radio Production Assistant) Heather Goddard who became popular for her poetry readings on the show.


There is also a unusual and rather 'tongue-in-cheek' send up of the famous Deck Of Cards recording which many will remember from the 1960s. Keith's version was made for private use only during his days at BFN in 1959. This blast from Skues' past was recently found after an Eastern Counties listener asked if he still had it in his collection.

So here it is, nearly 15 minutes of Skues, Skues and more Skues.

If you can take this you must be either one of the huge number of loyal fans this radio presenter has attracted since his days on the good ship Radio Caroline - or a incurable radio anorak.

Skuesville was released at the beginning of November 2003 and Keith has been to signing sessions at Out of Time Records, Norwich, BBC Radio Northampton, and Tesco, Stalham, where he opened the new store on 25 November.

It is not the first time Keith has appeared on record. In 1968 he narrated his way through a successful LP MGM Golden Hits.

Copies at £4.99 including postage and packing can be obtained from:
KDM Productions, 6 Back Lane, Lound, Suffolk NR32 5NE.
Telephone number: 01502 731819

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